The Top Wedding Dress Shots Every Bride Needs to Get

On your wedding day, you’ll see camera flashes go off in your peripheral vision pretty much from the moment you are getting ready to your last twirl on the dance floor. To make sure your photographer and you are on the same page, have a conversation with them before your wedding so these magical shots that highlight your dress and how gorgeous you look when you wear it won't be missed! Here are some shot ideas we love! 


The Dress Hanging Up

This is such a simple shot, but the picture of your dress hanging up, ready to be worn is beautifully artistic. Create a beautiful backdrop by hanging brightly colored bridesmaid dresses behind it or create a contrast by hanging your flower girl’s dress beside it!


Close Up of the Details

Nearly every dress, no matter how minimal, has a “wow” factor. This could be delicate beading, lace, or embellishment. Make sure you remember what gave your dress that stand-out look by asking to get a photograph of the close-up detailed work on your wedding gown.


The Behind the Scenes Pictures

The candid, behind the scenes pictures showing you getting the final touches on your dress can show sweet moments between you and your mom, sister, or friends. From getting zipped up to having a helping hand fluff the tulle, these pictures can range from fun and light-hearted to sweet and intimate!


Dressed and Ready

That first moment when everyone steps back and you get to see yourself in the mirror, in your full on bridal glory, is often a powerful moment that you don’t want to miss capturing. We love a shot like this with our bride standing in front of a full-length mirror, so it shows the gown both from the back and front.



When you enter the ceremony location, every eye will be on you! Your photographer can catch an incredible picture of you framed in the doorway, possibly even getting a few reactions of your guests in the picture too.


Walking Down the Aisle

wedding dress photo tips walking down the aisle

The graceful picture of you walking down the aisle to meet your groom is truly a once in a lifetime moment! If you asked to not have reactions in your “first look” picture or the photographer was unable to include them, this is a good opportunity to get them.


Shoes Poking Out

wedding dress photos real women real wedding shoes poking out wedding photo

Whether you’re going with sequined heels or flip flops, your shoes are part of your look on your big day. Shoe shots while walking usually adds a bit of fun and casualness into your otherwise romance filled day!

The Dress in Motion

From dancing to tossing the bouquet, action shots show a lighter side to the wedding while also showing the “energy” of your dress. Whether you’re rocking a slinky sheath or you have a full-skirted ball gown, make sure you ask to get an action shot of your dress in motion.


An Intimate, Candid Moment

Your wedding may feel a bit rushed, from the ceremony to the receiving line to dinner, but taking time to have a laugh with your new husband, hold hands, or whisper to one another may be your favorite part of the whole day. Having candid photos will help you remember these special moments forever!


Your First Dance

Similar to the Dress in Motion shot, your first dance, whether mid-twirl or during a dip, shows the energy of the moment coupled with the sweetness of your first dance as husband and wife.


The Exit

As you and your groom leave the reception, you should get a great shot of the exit. Seeing your dress trail behind you, hand in hand with your husband is both beautiful and symbolic of the end of one era and the beginning of a new one as you start your life together!

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