Simple Tips for a Gorgeous Fall Wedding

Here in New England, fall is a beautiful season for weddings. Rather than sneezing through your wedding due to flower pollen or sweating under your dress during summer, embrace the changing of the seasons and have an autumn wedding!

From vivid colors to gorgeous seasonal flowers to creating your signature cocktail out of a pumpkin spice latte (kidding!), we’ve got some tips to inspire your gorgeous fall wedding!

Perfect Wedding Dresses for Fall

While you can select a strapless tulle wedding dress no matter what time of year your wedding is, consider a fall wedding dress, instead. In summer, you would most likely never consider long sleeves, heavy satin, or higher necklines, but when the temperature starts to drop, this is an option that makes sense! Long sleeves don’t have to be heavy, either, lace sleeves are often romantic and beautiful, just a bit too warm for summer! Plus, cool weather dresses make more sense from a style perspective if you’re taking pictures outdoors!

Selecting Fall Wedding Colors

With the dress decided it’s time to pick out colors that work beautifully in fall. Here are some colors we love in the fall:

  • Vivid jewel tones: Think garnet, emerald, deep amethyst purple, and vibrant sapphire blue. These brilliant hues will stand out and provide an amazing change of pace from the tropical colors and pastels of summer and look amazing! Pair them with softer metallics like silver, copper, and even rose gold accents.

  • Warm, rich red tones: Nearly all shades of red work beautifully with an autumn themed wedding. From orange-red, crimson, and scarlet reds, all the way across the spectrum to burgundy, maroon, and even plum, this is a gorgeous option. If you choose a more purple-red, pair it with a frosty blue or minty green, but if you’re going with a true red, consider mellowing it with brown, taupe, or cream or contrasting it with gold and yellow.

  • Embrace earth tones: Earthy tones are striking in a fall wedding and work great with a rustic vibe. Chocolate browns, terracotta oranges, and deep forest or moss greens are stunning in the fall and pair beautifully with bronze and copper metallic accents!

Here are some great options for creating your own fall wedding color palette!

Beautiful Seasonal Fall Flowers

When choosing fall flowers to decorate your wedding, don’t think you’re stuck with chrysanthemums (unless you want them!). Marigolds, dahlias, and Gerbera daisies are lovely in bouquets and centerpieces and come in vibrant fall colors. Of course, you can get these varieties in nearly any shade, but if you want them to be completely natural, they’ll look fantastic!

Fall is a great time of year to consider dried flower arrangements. While they’re not traditional, the offer an eclectic, rustic or bohemian feel to your wedding. Plus, you can keep them as decor after the wedding or let your guests take the dried flowers as centerpieces!

The most important thing about your wedding is that it’s what you want! There’s no rule that says you can’t have pastels and tropical colors at your wedding, even if it’s in October, and if you want a chiffon, strapless dress, get it! And if you’re looking for a high-quality, handmade dress made to your exact measurements at an affordable price - Lyra Vega Bridal has the perfect wedding dress for you! Contact us today for a free online consultation!

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