Woman Behind the Gown - Gabrielle Peragine


The moment we met Gabby, we were touched by her friendliness and sweet, sweet smile. She is an artist filled with a gentle and fun spirit, that will light up anyroom. On the first day we met, she taught us an eight step from her dance routine! We love Gabby and are so glad that she’s sharing her story with Lyra Vega Bridal. Read on to get to know her!

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LVB: Tell us a little about yourself!
G: I am a dancer and an artist. Art and dance have been my two biggest passions in life. Dance connects me to my body and makes me feel good physically, while art is healing and meditative. I am so grateful to be doing something that I absolutely love and not working just for money. Time is the most precious thing to me and to waste time doing something I don't really want to do would be heartbreaking. Some people might think working on a career in the arts is a high risk with lots of uncertainty, but I’d much rather do the starving artist than a stationary 9-5 – I would be banging my head on the wall every day!

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LVB: How did you get into the arts?
I started dancing at 4, and things got pretty serious quickly. I attended competitive dance programs after school all through high school, and I loved it. I joined  the dance team in college, and am so grateful that I can continue this passion as a career now, dancing on the Boston Celtics dance team!

As for drawing, I was the toddler that drew on walls and the kid that was always doodling, so my parents got me art supplies and started me on art classes at a young age. Because of how crazy my dance schedule was, I had to stop classes for an extended amount of time in highschool, but I picked it back up in college and eventually majored in it. Today, I work in my studio doing commission work when I’m not dancing, I love creating custom pieces and working with different people.

I feel like I’ve tried to balance my dancer identity and my artist identify my whole life. Even to this day, it’s can still be challenging, they both make me so happy in different ways!

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LVB: Who are you as an artist, what are you trying to say with your art, both through dancing and drawing?
My heavy dance background has definitely reflected back in my art, a lot of my art showcases the female body with muscles and curves and lines – I think a strong female is so beautiful. I also love nature, flowers, organic shapes, butterflies, and different animals. To me, art is all about opening up oneself and sharing your vulnerability. A lot of my pieces are combining human anatomy with nature and expressing human vulnerability through it.

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LVB: As a dancer on the Boston Celtics dance team, you work with many women - was there anything that surprised you about working with a team of mostly women?
I think I was most surprised by how everyone is genuinely down to earth and supportive of each other. That’s not usually easy in the dance industry – you’re constantly competing with each other and trying to get ahead. But this team showed me that 18 girls can really come together and genuinely support each other. We get along, want the best for each other, and have each other’s back – it is so great to know I have that community.

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LVB: Our “Woman Behind the Gown” series is all about celebrating the modern women. What does being a modern woman mean to you, and what are some traits you’ve come to admire in other women?
I believe being a modern woman means believing in myself and not having self doubt, being a hard worker, being independent, having strength, and most importantly… inner beauty and compassion. I admire women who are confident and unapologetic for who they are. I love this quote from Muhammad Ali: “Float like a butterfly sting like a bee”, I think there is something so powerful about generating nothing but kindness and being tough without having to be sharp around the edges.

LVB: What was it like wearing a wedding gown?
Absolutely magical! You really do feel like a princess :) !  

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LVB: What’s next for you? Any big plans?
I hope to travel as much as possible, but no big plans as of yet, I enjoy living my life spontaneously :). I’m currently working on a commissioned piece featuring lips and pastel flowers, I’m really excited to see how that comes out! I’m also designing a shirt for the Celtics dance team for our first home game of the season, it’s going to be so much fun!

I love and appreciate collaborating on creative projects. I enjoy having a team of people coming together cohesively, helping each other achieve their dreams and supporting one another. I’m a huge supporter of people supporting people, and projects where everyone works together for each other’s benefits, I think that’s so great!

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LVB: Where can we see more of you?
My Instagram handle is @gab__marie_, and my website is http://gabriellemarieart.squarespace.com/, both are updated regularly!

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Thank you, Gabby, for opening up about yourself with us, and for pursing your life with fierce passion! We wish you all the best in your pursuits, and hope to dress you for your real wedding day one day!

Gabby is photographed here wearing our Fay gown. She styled it with her own white leotard underneath for her dance background to shine through. We love how she made the gown her own and how gorgeous she looks!