The Making of Our Logo...

Today is a marvelous day! Why, you ask? Well, it’s the day we unveil our gorgeous logo, lovingly crafted by the talented Laci Ann

From the start, we wanted the Lyra Vega brand to be synonymous with a flirty, yet graceful romance; distinctive without being ostentatious. Our desire has always been to provide brides with the perfect gown for their wedding day without breaking the bank.

We discovered Laci’s work on Instagram while hunting for capable designers that we felt were up to the task. Browsing her portfolio, we knew she had both the technical skills and the artistry to create the look we were seeking. We reached out to her and immediately discovered that she was responsive and warm.  To our delight, she agreed to partner with us.

The following is a quick glimpse into our journey with Laci.  Our mission: to give physical form to an identity we hold dear.  After a few delightful exchanges and an inspiration board any hardcore Pinterest veteran would be proud of, Laci brainstormed a few ideas for us to chew on: 

making our logo

Now, with a visual point of reference, we were able to more clearly articulate our vision and head toward designs that we were getting increasingly excited to call our own:

branding logo making bridal boutique

We fell in love with the interplay and balance between the playful script in the headline and the chic-ness of the sans serif subtitle. From there, we set out to find the perfect color combination…

rebranding color studies logo

The palettes she provided were lovely and we struggled to choose our favorite. During a particularly creative session we whipped out some brushes and started playing with some watercolor (who says you need to stick to a single medium!):

watercolor marks branding logo design

We knew we were onto something. Laci graciously obliged our request to integrate our wash into her design:

logo iterations branding

A few more small tweaks and we knew we’d arrived. We proudly introduce to you…

lyra vega bridal logo rebranding designing

It’s a design that we feel embodies Lyra Vega’s ideals: a dreamlike romance intertwined with modern beauty, sprinkled with a dash of practicality.  

Laci’s been the most perfect partner we could have asked for. Her talent for taking abstract ideas and “feelings” and giving them a physical, visual representation, made our logo possible. She lovingly guided us through multiple rounds of revisions and plenty of decision-making.  We can’t thank her enough! 

Check out more of Laci Ann’s work on Instagram @laci.ann or get in touch directly at      

Stay posted for our official website launch on February 15th, when we reveal our beautiful collection! 

Lyra Vega