4 Tips for Making a Small Wedding Feel Special

We want to share a secret with you: Your wedding doesn’t need to have 200 or more people to be amazing! In fact, whether it’s due to budget, living far from much of your family, or simply wanting less stress, a small wedding may be the perfect solution for you to create your dream wedding. Here are four tips for making a small wedding feel special!

Choose a Meaningful Venue

Instead of having to select a venue that can seat fit the most people, having a wedding with fewer guests lets you select the perfect venue for you and your partner. A picturesque bed and breakfast allows you to create a whole wedding weekend experience for you and your closest loved ones. Set up an intimate wedding in a forest clearing or let the ocean be your backdrop with a beach wedding. When you don’t have to worry about accommodating the most guests, you can select the setting that best fits exactly what you want.

Go All Out for Your Guests

When you’re not trying to plan a wedding for 300 people, you can create a more personal experience for your guests! Instead of impersonal favors like mints or a chocolate, provide a gift your guests will love like bottles of wine from a local winery or fresh coffee in a personalized wrap. Set up a delicious, creative meal rather than the standard fare, and consider a wedding dessert that suits your theme or your favorite dessert rather than the usual fondant-coated cake.

Get Creative with Entertainment

With a large wedding, it’s easier to hire a DJ, have dancing, and stick with tradition. After all, you have so many other things to plan, and you want it to be fun for everybody. But, if it’s going to be a small event, you can create entertainment that suits the mood.

Feel free to ditch the DJ and ask for song requests from your guests before the wedding, and use them to put together a reception playlist if dancing is your thing! If you want a more relaxed, conversational vibe, hire a quartet (jazz or orchestral) for lovely background music that you can dance to if you choose.

If you want to let loose a bit or you’re feeling less formal, set up some games to play that will have everyone laughing! Ever play badminton or lawn darts in formal wear?

Everyone is in the Bridal Party

Don’t worry about selecting a maid of honor or worrying about a bridal party with a small wedding! Create a warm, intimate experience by having your guests stand in a circle or semi-circle around you and your spouse!

Because you’re inviting only the people who mean the most to you and your partner, let everyone know how important they are to you by asking everyone to rise and stand with you. While this is seen more at outdoor weddings, this can also be done indoors, depending on how open the space is.

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