Time For Some Summer Fun!

Photo by Lynne Reznick

Photo by Lynne Reznick

We're not sure if it’s the hot weather, plenty of sunshine, or the plethora of bright colors, but summer weddings just seem naturally more fun than any other time of the year! Whether you are hosting your wedding on the beach under the sun or indoors with air conditioning, here are a few tips to add a bit of whimsy to your summer wedding.

Flip Flop Wedding Favors

Instead of mints or candles, let your guests get cool and comfortable at your reception by having pairs of flip-flop sandals resting on the chairs. This fun, functional favor will add a light, casual feel to the reception, and you can go the extra mile by gluing faux flowers in your wedding colors to the straps of the womens’ shoes.  Don’t forget - on the R.S.V.P. card, ask the guests to provide their shoe sizes!

Think Rainbow Sherbet

rainbow sherbet summer wedding tips rainbow color wedding flowers

Strawberry pink, lime green, tangerine orange...these bright, vibrant colors are perfect for a summer wedding! Providing a gorgeous contrast against white tablecloths and of course, your white wedding dress, rainbow sherbet-colored flowers add a lovely pop of vivid, cheerful color that can work with either a formal feel or laid-back vibe.

Unmarried Guest Pinata

summer fun wedding games pinata

Instead of gathering the unmarried women around to catch the bouquet, how about get alllll the unmarried guests together and take a whack at a pinata? No need for gender separation during this festive occasion, the pinata is all about equality! Plus this lets you keep your bouquet and spares your female friends and family the possible turned ankles from trying to jump for a bouquet while wearing heels.

An added bonus: maybe a few of the guests will hit it off in between hits of the pinata?

Sundae Bars and Build Your Own Banana Split

fun summer wedding ideas sundae bars and build your own banana split bar

Let your guests keep cool with a yummy sundae bar! Cake is great and all, but when it’s hot, a soft-serve machine with plenty of tasty toppings will be a definite hit. From hot fudge and caramel sauces to fresh fruit and sprinkles, adults and kids alike will be lining up for cool treats!

Light Up the Night with Fireworks

summer wedding fun reception party ideas fireworks and sparklers

Nothing can provide a fun sense of occasion like fireworks, and with the Fourth of July being in the middle of summer, you have a great opportunity to load up! Light up the evening when you and your new spouse leave the reception, guests can say goodbye to confetti and rice and send you on your way with sparklers. Or, if you really want to make an impression at the end of the night, task your most responsible loved one with setting off a gorgeous fireworks display that will add extra magic and beauty to your special night.

At Lyra Vega Bridal, we know that the most important part of your summer wedding is your ability to enjoy it! Instead of sweltering under heavy, bulky wedding gowns, check out our amazing selection of light, lovely wedding dresses! From soft sheaths to fluffy, floaty ball gowns, you can dance, move, and groove all night long without a care! Contact us today for a free online consultation!