3 Reasons Eloping May Be Right for You!

Photo by Jessie Wyman

Photo by Jessie Wyman

You just got engaged - Congratulations! Now what?

Okay, now it’s time to set a budget. Start dress shopping. Scheduling venue tours (OMG, they’re booked a YEAR in advance!). Think about seating arrangements.

You’ve been engaged less than 24 hours, and you’re already totally stressed and overwhelmed at all the planning you need to do for your wedding.

Maybe the traditional wedding isn’t right for you! Let’s look at some ways eloping may be right for you and your partner.

Saves Money

Okay, you know weddings aren’t cheap, but according to The Knot, the average wedding costs more than $32,000, with average costs in urban areas running MUCH higher. Now, there are ways to have a traditional wedding for much less, but it is easy to let costs get out of control.

if you’ve got student loan payments, you want to buy a house, or you are dreaming of a kickass honeymoon - maybe you’d rather put your money towards those things instead. Even a destination wedding to an island paradise or running off to Vegas can be thousands of dollars cheaper than a traditional wedding.

Saves Time

The average wedding takes about 16 months to plan. Popular venues often book over a year in advance, and lining up your vendors such as caterer, photographer, and wedding planner to match your venue availability means the more time you have, the better. Even shopping for a traditional designer wedding dress, ordering it, and taking the time for alterations can take up to nine months!

Not everyone wants to wait over a year to get married! Eloping can take however much or little time you want. Want to get married next week? Check your state laws to see what the license laws are and schedule an appointment at the courthouse. Heading to Hawaii for a getaway in three months and thinking a beach wedding sounds fabulous? No problem!

Saves You from Stress

There’s no question that wedding planning is stressful, and while some women dream of the planning, shopping, and bringing everything together to culminate in that Big Day, for other women, that’s a nightmare. Not everyone dreams about creating seating charts or setting up registries or choosing invitations, and that’s perfectly okay!

If you simply want to have a memorable day with the partner of your dreams, you should absolutely do that. Instead of having spending all your free time booking appointments, fittings, and venue tours, use your free time for girls’ nights, cuddling with your future spouse, or doing ANYTHING besides planning a wedding!

Photo by Jessie Wyman

Photo by Jessie Wyman

If you dream of getting married on the beach or you dream of putting several thousands of dollars toward your student loans, consider elopement! And if you want to feel like a bride on your big day, but don’t want to wait a year for your dress, Lyra Vega Bridal is a perfect option! With dresses ready in eight weeks, custom sewn to your exact measurements, you can save time getting a gorgeous, high-quality gown at a price that works for all budgets. Schedule your online consultation today to get started!