A Huge Thank You: We Reached 10,000 Followers on IG!

Lyra Vega Bridal reached 10,000 followers on Instagram last night!


A Special THANK YOU:

To all of you that have been there for Lyra Vega Bridal: I am filled with gratitude, and I cannot thank you enough for your support.

I started this business with a simple conviction - to give modern brides affordable and convenient options when shopping for their wedding gowns. I hoped that Lyra Vega Bridal would be a comforting presence in the sea of wedding planning advice, empowering women to plan for their wedding day in a way that makes sense for their lifestyle, rather than blindly following tradition.

I could have never imagined that a little more than a year later, Lyra Vega Bridal would be a community 10,000 strong, supporting and loving one another and the brand. From friends who constantly speak encouraging words to keep me going, to the amazing wedding vendors who have inspired and collaborated with LVB; from the beautiful brides who have chosen to share their big day with us, to the bloggers and journalists who have spotlighted us in their publications; and from my amazing team (Desiree, Alyssa, Dan, Katie, and Carrie — you guys are the best!), to all you followers who allow LVB to take up space on your feed, and for liking and commenting — I just want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you. Thank you for all that you’ve sown into Lyra Vega Bridal. Your support means the world to us and we do not take any of your love for granted.

Thank you for being part of Lyra Vega Bridal’s journey. I look forward to the adventure ahead, as we continue on our mission to empower brides, near and far!

With all my love and gratitude,

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Lilian Hung, Owner of Lyra Vega Bridal


ps. We are celebrating with an EPIC sale, 50% off our entire collection to be exact! Check back on our website Monday at noon to catch it, or follow closely on IG for the latest!

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