Woman Behind the Gown - Tasha Gonzalez

Welcome to the inaugural post of our “Woman Behind the Gown” series!

In this series, we will be sharing photos and stories of beautiful woman in our community, wearing Lyra Vega Bridal gowns in their work environment! We recognize that behind every wedding gown is a unique woman who have worked hard to be where she is, fighting for her dreams and future. We are so excited for the opportunity to highlight the strong, independent, and amazing spirit of these women, and share with you our believe that brides are so much more than a pretty girl on her wedding day!

 So here’s to all you wonderful women, we hope you like this series!

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Photography by Chris Dempsey  |  Venue Tapestry Boston  |  Hair & Make Up by Kristen Landers

When we first met Tasha, we were immediately drawn by her friendly and warm smile. A student by day, studying to become a teacher; a bartender by night, supporting herself through school, Tasha reminds us that we often have to wear more than one hat at a time to make our dream come true. Here, we talk to this stunning woman who’s favorite drink to make is an espresso martini.  

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LVB: First, we would like to start this interview with a question originated by the brilliant Jessica Pantatello at The Galerie. Tell us about your trifecta: favorite food, favorite film, and favorite flowers?
T: Always going for a good slice of cheese pizza! Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a classic favorite movie of mine that I will re-watch any day. My favorite flower would have to be a lily, they are so elegant and simple, and I see so much beauty in that.

LVB: Tell us about yourself – Who are you?  What’s your story? What experiences do you feel played an important role in shaping the person you are?
T: I think I’m still working on my story but for now I’m working as a bartender while I make my way through college. I have always dreamed of being a teacher and hopefully someday soon I’ll be spreading my love for creative writing to students. The person I am today is shaped by massive amounts of books and a secret blog I kept to express my love for poetry.

LVB: What was the last book you read?
T: The last book I read was The Book of Joy by Desmond Tutu and The Dalai Lama and Douglas Carlton Abrams. It gave such good insight on the obstacles you might encounter on the path to happiness from the perspectives of a Christian and a Tibetan Buddhist. I’ve always battled with the idea of a higher power. I resonate a lot with the Buddhist way of living a life where happiness and honesty is my religion.

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LVB: Our “Woman Behind the Gown” series is all about highlighting the hardworking, independent, and beautiful women who wear our gowns. What does being a modern woman mean to you?
T: Modern women everywhere are becoming much more confident and comfortable in their own skin because of all the support and girl power we spread to one another. A modern woman is brave, confident and intelligent enough to know her strengths and her weaknesses.

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LVB: What was it like wearing a wedding gown?
T: For me this is actually pretty funny, I’ve never even been to a wedding! These are the kind of things sappy girls like me dream of! The perfect dress, the Groom staring from across waiting for his bride to be by his side. But, it’s something I’ve never gotten to witness. When I arrived for the photoshoot there were three dresses for me to try on. The first was literal perfection except that it didn’t fit but we sure did try! And after some blood, sweat and tears, the second dress fit like a glove and I instantly felt that connection – “wow, this is what I would look like as a bride” (but, maybe just a little less sweaty), Haha!

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LVB: What do you look for in a partner? What does marriage mean to you?
T: I honestly just look for happiness, I have never been the girl to have a checklist or criteria that needs to be met. As long as we make each other happy, laugh a lot, and are there for each other during the moments that are tough, what else can I ask for?
Marriage, is a tough thing to define. At, least it is for me. It has always seemed like just a dream or something far out in the distance. Growing up I didn’t experience much of it around me. But, that has never given me negative thoughts towards the idea I think it’s a beautiful commitment and one day I’ll be lucky enough to share that with someone.

LVB: What’s next for you? Any big plans?
T: Teaching! I’d like to think I’d be a great college professor teaching students to appreciate words and how to better express themselves.

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Thank you, Tasha, for sharing a little about yourself and for wearing our gown so beautifully! We wish you all the best in your pursuits, and hope to dress you for your real wedding day one day!

Tasha is photographed here wearing our brand new “Natasha” gown. We named the gown after her because she literally started tearing up when she saw herself in the mirror – these are the moments that dressmakers live for!!

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