Who is the millennial bride? Typically the term refers to any bride who was born after 1981, and this group of Instagram loving, tech-savvy, information driven brides are changing the wedding game! Millennials are not only getting married later in life, but they are also writing their own rules when they do decide to marry. Sticking to age old traditions of shopping for wedding gowns in brick and mortar stores are a thing of the past. Sure, some women still prefer to buy their wedding gown in person. In 2018, about 50 percent of women purchased their wedding gowns from a brick and mortar store. But, for most modern women, shopping online is so much more convenient. You could even buy your wedding gown or book a venue on your hour lunch break if you really needed to (thank you technology)! Shopping online for wedding gowns, tuxes, flowers, and just about any aspect of a wedding wasn’t always possible, but that’s all changed. Brides nowadays don’t have to adhere to traditions to have the wedding of their dreams. Here are three reasons why the millennial bride is changing the wedding business!



Couples today are much more inclined to create an overall experience for their guests. They want to add personal touches to every aspect of the wedding, from the invitations to the hashtag you post with photos from the wedding on social media. Elements of traditional weddings are still incorporated: tiered wedding cakes, tuxes, bridal bouquets, etc., but millennials get the luxury of adding their own twist to these traditions. Especially when it comes to the wedding dress, women could show up in a red wedding dress or a bridal suit and it wouldn’t be a total surprise, especially if that suits her personality. Women are given the freedom to customize their gown to what they desire (here at Lyra Vega, all our gowns are made-to-measure for free) and with the Internet you could make customized changes to your wedding with a click of a button.


Weddings these days have not only continued to get more expensive, but millennial couples are increasingly paying for their own weddings. This causes a lot of millennial brides to be budget conscious when it comes to planning their weddings. Having easy access to online wedding resources and information allows millennial brides to make more informed decisions when it comes to how they plan to spend their wedding budget. Wedding gowns alone can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000, but by visiting online boutiques budgeting brides can shop cheaper options that are still of great quality and avoid the pushy sales people, which is a blessing.  



Coming out of the Year of the Woman (check out our post on the subject), most women are working at least five days a week and shopping for a wedding gown could be a whole day excursion. On top of that planning a wedding could take months, if not a year. Maybe a decade ago, women prioritizing a career wasn’t common, but nowadays women have so much more on their plate. Being able to balance work and wedding plans means making informed choices and taking shortcuts where you can. Blindly following traditions when it comes to wedding planning just isn’t a feasible option anymore, so our hardworking, badass brides make their own rulebook instead!


If you’re a millennial bride, let us know in the comments below how you plan on changing things up and making your wedding your own!

Lyra Vega