When we contemplate reducing our carbon footprint in the world, we’re thinking reusable water bottles, recycling, and maybe even electric cars. But, making adjustments to your wedding doesn’t automatically come to mind right? Believe it or not, weddings actually create 400 to 600 pounds of waste and 62 tons of carbon dioxide every year. We’re not saying that you have to give your wedding the complete all green, eco-friendly makeover, but there are subtle ways to still have the wedding of your dreams and protect the planet, even just a little bit! We’ve listed a few of the ways below that you can be eco-conscious while planning your wedding.


You might love that cream colored cardstock invitation that perfectly matches your wedding theme, but it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll value the aesthetic of your invitation more than your guests will. Instead to save paper you can opt for an evite or create a wedding website that includes all of your wedding day information and you can have guests RSVP online! But, we know invitations are a big part of putting together a wedding so if you’re really set on sending out physical invitations, then use more eco-friendly options such as recycled paper. Another option is Botanical Paper Works  which is a company that sells plantable paper that guests can use to grow flowers, herbs, or other plants in their gardens (think pre-wedding party favor).


If you’re the type of bride who has been saving up for your dream wedding location since you can remember then this might not be the eco-friendly save for you. But, a great way to reduce pollution at your wedding is to book an outside venue like a sandy beach, botanical garden, or a lush forest. Not only does it provide beautiful scenery for your big day, but you’ll also have the luxury of natural lighting. Help reduce fuel emissions by finding a venue where you can hold the ceremony and reception in one place, so your guests aren’t shuttling between venues. There are also more and more venues who are taking green initiatives like incorporating recycling programs in their operations, or using renewable energy that are worth taking into consideration!


There’s not much of a way around decorations when it comes to being eco-friendly, but the biggest solution is to donate your decorations after the wedding. Rebloom is a company that will pick up your floral arrangements post wedding and repurpose them for other events. When picking floral arrangements also try to use vendors who sell locally grown flowers or maybe don’t use flowers at all and add a little edge to your wedding by having a silk ribbon bouquet or use stacks of old books for a vintage centerpiece.

The Wedding Dress

Not every bride is into rewearing their mother’s wedding dress or buying a dress from a vintage shop, but there are still ways to be eco-friendly and get the dress of your dreams. You can shop for a dress that uses eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton or silk. Another option is to shop for a made to order dress. Here at Lyra Vega, we are striving to be environmentally conscious by offering made to order dresses that reduce the waste created from dress production. With made to order dresses, not only will you hopefully adore your dress from the beginning, but it would also reduce the amount of times you would have to get your dress altered, saving fabric and the fuel emissions it would take you to drive to multiple fittings. You can also have more freedom with the design of your dress and have it tailored to fit and look exactly how want it.

Inspired to go green for your wedding? Let us know in the comments below how you plan to make your wedding eco-friendly!

Lyra Vega