Summer is upon us and it’s time to take advantage of the warm weather! Outside venues, whether you’re into a beach wedding or having forest trees line your seating aisles, provide a gorgeous backdrop for your nuptials and don’t require too much decoration. Outdoor weddings don’t come without their challenges, not only can the weather change on you in a second, but they take a lot more careful planning. To help make your process a little easier, we’ve got some simple tips on how to pull off your outside wedding without a hitch!

Accommodate Guests

If you know that it is going to be hot on the day of your wedding, don’t leave your guests to suffer in the sun. Make sure to have ushers offer a refreshing beverage, fans, or parasols for guests who need some shade. Also make sure to warn guests ahead of time of what the conditions are going to be on your big day. If you’re planning a beach wedding where guests will have to walk through sand or a garden wedding where they’ll have to walk on grass, it might be a good idea to issue the avoid stilettos memo prior to the wedding (no one wants to get their heel stuck in the ground).

Rent Tents

If you plan on having both your ceremony and reception outside, renting tents is an easy way to transform your wedding space. Tents are essentially blank canvases that you can mold into fitting your wedding aesthetic, whether you’re going for a bohemian vibe with vintage couches and lanterns or a more classic look with chandeliers and a cream color scheme. Tents also provide some privacy while still taking advantage of the natural beauty of an outside venue.

Sound System

All those lovely vows you wrote to say to your spouse on your big day might get lost in the noise of crashing waves or be faintly heard in the back aisle if you have a large guest list. It’s beneficial to look into whether a venue has a simple sound system you can use for the ceremony. Even if they don’t, renting a speaker and a few clip on mics for the bride, groom, and officiant is a great way to go if you’re not into holding a microphone for the whole ceremony.


Getting married in an outside space is beautiful, but even though it is typically a public space that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to get permission to hold a ceremony or reception there. Many times outside venues, especially parks, require that permits be obtained to use the space. Also don’t forget to look into alcohol and noise permits, you want to be able to celebrate into the night with your family and friends without the issue of your wedding being shut down. If this whole permit process makes you worried, you could always opt for a cute backyard wedding at a family member’s home or your own.

Plan B Location

Always, always, always have a backup location. Whether you’re in New England or on the West Coast, weather can be so unpredictable. Don’t let rain, high winds, or extreme heat ruin your big day and have a backup location ready to go! It makes it easier if you’re able to book an outside venue that could also provide an inside location on the same property, that way moving all of your guests and wedding decorations won’t be too difficult.

Let us know in the comments below how these tips work out for you on your big day!