Whether you’re going for a vintage aesthetic or a classic bridal look, heels are often assumed to be the go-to shoe for your big day. We are all about a gorgeous heel, but if we’re being completely honest, being on your feet the whole day in heels isn’t the most comfortable thing for your big day! Even if you do want to wear heels during your wedding ceremony, it is a good idea to have a backup pair of shoes for your reception where you will be walking around greeting guests and dancing the night away with family and friends. As such, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular alternatives that might be more ergonomic and provide better feet support on your big day!



Opting for no heels provides another opportunity for you to show off your personality in your bridal look. Adding a pair of leather boots can amp up the vintage vibe of your look, especially if you have the time to search through thrift stores for the perfect worn in pair. If you’re going for an edgier vibe you can also invest in a pair of Dr. Martens that will not only make your bridal look rocker-chic, but they’re also great for venues that are located outside in muddy or grassy terrain.





If you’re going for a more feminine, classic bridal look you can switch out heels for some ballet flats. They’re lightweight so they won’t weigh your feet down and usually come in blush, neutral colors. But, if you want a more embellished flat many bridal and department stores already carry a variety of flats so it shouldn’t be a long search before you’re able to find the pair that exactly matches your gown.





The most popular alternative wedding shoe is the sneaker. A lot of brides opt for this type of shoe because they probably already have a suitable pair in their closet. But, if you’re looking to DIY a new pair of sneakers for your wedding, both Vans and Converse allow you to customize your sneakers online or you could stop by the craft store and decorate plain sneakers with your wedding date or you and your partners initials.



If you still want the look of a heel but without the height, then a cute pair of sandals is the way to go. They’re perfect if you’re having a summer wedding at the beach or a backyard ceremony. You can also repurpose them to wear on your honeymoon if you’re headed to a tropical place. Betsey Johnson has a line of shoes called Betsey Blue that is meant for brides. The line carries an array of embellished sandals and all of the shoes in the line have a blue bottom (that takes care of your something blue accessory).

If you’re ready to skip out on the sky-high stilettos, let us know in the comments below what is your favorite alternative wedding shoe!