It doesn’t get more sentimental than your own home. When searching for a wedding venue it can be hard to find the ideal location that not only encompasses the space to hold your entire guest list, but also the aesthetic of your wedding and places that make for noteworthy moments between you and your partner. Getting married at your childhood home allows you to say “I Do” in the same place that you used to play hide and seek as a child or to make a new memory in the first home you and your partner bought together. But, despite having a location on lock that doesn’t prevent at-home weddings from having their own challenges. We’ve rounded up six important tips to keep on your radar if you’re planning on having an at-home wedding!


You Need A Space to Say “I Do”

Make sure to use every piece of space that you have on the property. It can be tempting to stick to just the backyard or only one part of the property, but it’s important to remember that you will need to set up a reception area as well as a space to actually exchange vows. It can be useful to set up the ceremony in the backyard, then usher everyone inside the home for a cocktail hour while the backyard is being transformed into a reception area. 

Wedding Officiant Has to Sign Off on Location

If you’re planning on having an officiant from a church, don’t assume they will be able to conduct a wedding outside of their place of worship. It’s a safer bet to double check a few months before the wedding that they will be able to marry you at your home so in the off chance they can’t you have time to search for a licensed officiant who would be able to perform the ceremony.


You’ll Need to Rent Everything

For an event as large as a wedding you will need to rent all furniture needed for the party: think chairs, tables, tents, bathrooms, lights, etc. You’ll also need to invest in some generators because it’s likely the electricity that will be needed will require extra sources of power, no one wants a power outage in the middle of your wedding. You also don’t want guests to go hungry so you’ll need to look into catering and food vendors as well because unless you’re having a wedding of 15-20 people it’s almost impossible to cook the food yourself. 

Match Decorations to the Site 

Take advantage of the space that you’re in and use decorations to accentuate the natural elements. If the backyard has an abundance of trees, drape them in lights or flower garlands. If there is already a garden in place make sure to think of what flowers you want for the wedding in advance and have them planted. Working with what you have will make it so much easier to decorate than trying to work around it, so save yourself the stress.


Obtain All Necessary Permits 

Just because the wedding is at your home doesn’t mean that it won’t require permits. Just to be 100% sure your party won’t be interrupted check with the city if you will need permits regarding noise, parking on the street, and electrician inspections. 

Give Neighbors A Courtesy Warning

As is the custom for most people we want to maintain friendly relationships with our neighbors. So to make sure they aren’t surprised by the abundance of people on your block or the noise make sure to give them a heads up about your wedding festivities and how long you expect it to go on. 

Let us know in the comments below if have any other tips for brides throwing at-home weddings!

Lyra Vega