Popsicles, fireworks, and flip-flops oh my! All of the whimsical things that make a sun-soaked summer wedding so popular can also come at a price. It’s almost impossible to beat the heat with a summer wedding and even though that beautiful, golden hour sunset almost makes it all worth it no one really wants to be stuck in the sweltering heat for hours on end. But that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your dream summer wedding, there are plenty of ways to make it a comfortable experience for everyone and still take advantage of the sunny weather. To make your summer wedding plan that much easier we’ve rounded up four of the best ways to accommodate your guests!


Keep Guests Cool

Summer is the most popular time to have a wedding because it allows for a better turnout with many guests able to take time off or travel for a weekend. But, you don’t want to have the wedding that everyone talks about for years to come (and not in a good way). Keeping your guests cool should be a high priority if you’re having a summer wedding, if you know your venue only provides metal chairs make sure to invest in some chair covers so your guests don’t get burned. If your wedding will be taking place outside and you don’t want to put a tent over your entire ceremony or reception, still provide small shaded areas that your guests can take cover under.

Beware of the Wedding Timeline

If you want your guests to stick around for the ceremony and the reception it’s a good idea to set your wedding for the late afternoon or early evening. The hottest point of the day is always the early or mid afternoon where the sun is beaming down on your guests and if your wedding is taking place outside they’ll be sure to be caught in the thick of it. Setting your wedding for a later time allows you to take advantage of the good weather and still be mindful of your guests (plus you don’t want to be stuck standing at the altar in that heat either).


Keep Drinks and Food Light and Refreshing

The heat and heavy food are not a good mix, feeling overly full in summer weather can lead to your guests suffering exhaustion or sickness. Instead of heavy dishes like pasta or full course meals offer grilled entrees and small sides like salad and rice. Same goes for drinks, to keep your guests hydrated offer a lighter cocktail or a frozen margarita, as well as a water station with the option to add lemon or cucumbers to their drinks. 

Have A Relief Station

All your guests will appreciate it if you have a relief station set up at both the ceremony and reception, especially if neither are taking place inside. Besides providing the staples like sunscreen and bug spray, you can also use it as an opportunity to create some fun wedding favors by having fans or parasols with your wedding date and names printed on them or initial monogrammed sunglasses. 

Soak up the sun on your big day and let us know in the comments below how you plan to stay cool!