For all the early morning riser couples who never miss a Sunday brunch, a daytime wedding may seem way more appealing than a 5 p.m. wedding that runs long past midnight. Here are Lyra Vega Bridal, we are all about challenging the tradition instead of blindly following it. So, if a daytime wedding seems more fitting to your personal style, why not go for it? Not only does a daytime wedding give you more flexibility with your venue and entertainment, but it can typically be cheaper than an evening wedding! And who doesn’t like to save a little money where they can?! If you’re considering having a daytime wedding here are a few tips to consider in your planning process!


Set An Early Alarm

With a daytime wedding the luxury of time doesn’t exist. If you’re having an 11 a.m. ceremony expect to wake up no later than 6 a.m. in order to give yourself enough time to get ready and make your way to the ceremony. But, of course it’s never a crime to be just a little fashionably late, especially when it’s your own wedding.

Skip the Dance Floor

Now we’re not saying that you need to completely remove music from your reception, even with people mingling it can get a bit awkward if there is no background music. You can skip out on the expensive DJ and dance floor, and instead opt for a live band or at the very least have a few speakers that you can play a wedding playlist on. Most people can feel a bit uncomfortable when it comes to dancing in the daylight, so a light approach to music allows guests to dance if they like but not feel pressured. 


Offer Fun Activities

Without the distraction of a dance floor, it can leave an empty space for reception entertainment. With a daytime wedding you can have a bit more fun with your planned activities, photo booths are always a hit, but you can also add some lawn games like cornhole, croque, or mini golf.

Prepare for Weather Conditions

No matter what season you’re planning on having your wedding in you always have to be prepared for a weather change on your big day. In order to accommodate guests prepare for extreme heat with shaded areas and hydration stations or for windy, cold weather make sure to have portable heaters and hot drinks available.

Suggest Nighttime Activities for Guests

If you plan on running off to your honeymoon as soon as your reception is over, make sure to provide guests with a list of activities they can do during the nighttime. If guests traveled to come to your wedding or aren’t familiar with the area it’s a nice gesture to provide a list of bars, restaurants, or activities they can take part in post-wedding. 

Let us know in the comments below if you have any additional tips for a daytime wedding!

Lyra Vega