“Lyra Vega has surpassed my expectations. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve dreamed of my wedding day - the decor, the venue, the flowers and my DRESS! I have always looked forward to the moment I would walk out to the bridal lounge in my favorite dress and my mom and sisters crying over how PERFECT it was - it was THE DRESS! Well, when I realized how expensive those “perfect” dresses are I had to rethink everything. Lyra Vega gave me the opportunity to still have the perfect dress at the perfect price. I was able to still have my bridal lounge, happy tears moment with my family and then seeing what perfectly fit me and finding the same style on LyraVega’s collection for more than half the price. I got my moment and my perfect dress! And still had the fun of going to more bridal stores for the perks even after I got my dress at Lyra Vega - no compromise needed! Thanks Lyra Vega for making my little girl dreams become a reality! ”

— Jaquline B.


The dress was gorgeous and very comfortable; it was not as heavy as I understand others can be which was amazing for being in it for 6+ hours. The day itself experienced all different type of weather; everything from rain, humidity and muddy grounds- the dress braved everything, not dulling its beauty or quality at all. The best part of this dress experience, though, was Lillian, the owner. She is fabulous! She made me feel SO comfortable and beautiful. She is so passionate and just an amazing person to work with for such an important day.

- Kait G.


“My biggest fear in ordering my wedding dress online was the risk of it not fitting and not being able to return it if I didn’t like it. LyraVega put that fear to rest immediately when I contact the owner. Lilian was so helpful and made my experience unforgettable! I love my dress and I am so excited to show it off on my big day!”

— Brooke G.


Okay first when you put on these dresses it is the best feeling in the world. Now I am not a bride but I have modeled for them and the quality of the dresses are phenomenal. I tried on a beautiful butterfly dress and I thought it transformed into a beautiful “future” bride one day. I think you are in good hands when you come to Lyra Vega Bridal, you will not regret it.

-Dennese R.


“My LyreVega dress blew me away. Who knew that ordering online could turn into such a success... I didn’t. I felt so comfortable ordering my dress with Lilian. She made me feel at ease and relieved all pressure when it came to my uncertainty about being able to exchange or return it if needed. Lilian made me feel so comfortable and her friendliness made it an enjoyable experience. My wedding day was perfect and Matthew loved my dress!”

— Sarah A.


Look your best on your special day
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