EMPOWERING THE modern bride

Lyra Vega Bridal Wedding gowns Deb, Alexis, Laci, Ria, Thea, Lyra, Desiree, Aurora wedding dress under $1000

Lyra Vega is for women that work, play, and love.  

Hello, savvy ladies. Let's celebrate ourselves for a hot second. We work hard and play hard. We make smart choices. We break glass ceilings. And we do it all with style and grace. Shopping for a wedding dress? Damn right we've got standards in mind: gorgeous styles, quality materials, and great prices.

Unfortunately, if you've dipped your toe into the swamp that is traditional wedding dress shopping, you've probably discovered how frustratingly backwards and disempowering the experience can be. Opaque pricing and uncomfortable interactions with pushy salespeople – isn't it time we had some better options?

Lyra Vega Bridal is founded on the belief that we can look beautiful on our wedding day without breaking the bank, and that the experience of gown shopping should be seamless and stressless. We're dedicated to seeing this mission through, and helping as many brides as we can along the way.

Practical, resourceful, forward-thinking brides of every tribe and tongue: we're here for you.



Ria Gown by Lyra Vega Bridal

[lahy-ruh vey-ga]

Our name comes from one of the most brilliant celestial bodies in our sky. Known as "the weaving girl" star, Vega is nestled deep in the constellation Lyra’s embrace.  She is also the heroine of a beautiful romantic legend of ancient origins.

As the legend goes, Vega, the goddess who falls in love with a human, defies all odds and traditions to stay with her lover on Earth. Choosing to write her own story and to honor her love, she gives up her divine identity to build a family with her true love. Eventually, she is found out by her furious father, the God of all heavens, and forced to return to the heavens. But connected by an unbreakable and everlasting bond, her and her lover find their way to one another in defiance of the universe’s infinite expanse and the vagaries of time and space, and their love story is told to generations after generations.

It is with the same spirit of honoring our own values and story that we built Lyra Vega Bridal. Hoping to pave way to help brides choose a path that works for you, as you build the foundations of your life with your beloved.

As you browse our lovingly curated collection of wedding gowns, know that our dream is – purely and simply –  to provide you with a dress that weaves itself effortlessly into your love story. Welcome to Lyra Vega Bridal.


Hi there, I'm Lilian!

Pulling off a modern wedding is no easy task. I imagine you are facing some of the same challenges that I went through not so long ago. Managing family dynamics, seating charts, DIY projects that take over your life… some things are tricky by nature, finding the perfect wedding dress shouldn’t have to be.

I started Lyra Vega for women like myself, who want a beautiful wedding dress but are quickly learning that the hunt can be a discouraging process. Having been in the wedding industry for over a decade, my heartfelt wish for Lyra Vega is to empower women to do what they want with their big day, rather than blindly following tradition.

Lilian Hung Founder of Lyra Vega Bridal

When I’m not buried under piles of tulle, you might find me crafting gifts for friends and family, making to-do lists, or painting with watercolor… definitely with a cup of tea in hand!

Thank you for stopping by and reading my story, it would be my honor and privilege to be a part of yours! I wish you all the best on the exciting journey ahead, and would love to chat with you about your big day, let's have some fun together!