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Luxury resort


A few exhilarating miles down Route 1 past Monterey brings you to a tucked away treasure of a spot, the Hyatt Carmel Highlands.  This gorgeous site sits nestled atop a cliff, hovering over the crashing waves below. This is Big Sur at its finest. This editorial shoot was crafted with the ocean in mind, with the goal to create a feeling of intimacy that would personalize the magnificence of the location’s natural beauty.


Timeless Love in Historic New England


There are certain places we visit in our lives that seem to have a heightened sense of nostalgia to them. In these places, history feels as though it’s not so far away. We couldn’t help but feel as though we were truly stepping back in time as we walked through the doors of the Lyman Estate. The lingering feeling of days past had us dreaming of the celebrations that were held in this hall so many years ago--where those before us had shared in the same kind of joy and wonder we experienced through this shoot.


Clouds, Cliffs, and Crashing Waves


There’s something so magical about a bride out in nature - the wild strokes of Mother Nature serving as backdrop to the delicate details on a blushing bride.  For this styled shoot out at Ribera Beach, CA, we let nature guide us, and she gifted us with countless stunning moments that we all knew, on a deep and fundamental level, were beyond anything anyone could have ever “styled” or “edited”. These are the kinds of beauty that can only be captured – not created.


Bohemien Fantasy


This deep and moody styled shoot was inspired by the natural beauty of Carmel Valley. Incorporating romantic tones, handcrafted details, and a horse, we imagined a bohemian romance and captured the inland beauty often missed in the Monterey Peninsula.


Hay Fever


Sometimes, when the moment is right, all you need is a patch of beach grass to capture the most breathtaking images.


Aquamarine Seas


Nothing quite compares to the feeling of soft sand under one’s feet coupled with the intoxicating scent of ocean air. Emotions are stirred and one can’t help but revel in the beauty of the natural paradise that surrounds. There are beautiful beaches all over the world, but the white sands and mesmerizingly teal water of the tropics creates an exotic and alluring backdrop that can’t quite be mimicked elsewhere. Places like these calm the spirit and quiet the soul. We found, and cherished, this feeling of peace and renewal while exploring the islands of Turks and Caicos.


Modern Elopement 


Funky fun and sophistication come together in this styled shoot featuring handmade decor, donuts, and gorgeous florals. Set against the venue’s large bar and multi-toned wood paneling, we captured the casual joy of a laid-back couple eloping, and the light hearted side of love and happiness.


Neuse Breeze

Styled to suit the gentle summer breezes, the soft rolling waves of the river nearby, and the natural beauty of lush greenery and bountiful blooms, this romantic shoot at Neuse Breeze, North Carolina perfectly captures the juxtaposition of rustic charm, formal ease, and soft, modern beauty.


Thompson Photography Group


This collection of photos is the results of a photography workshop with the talented photographers at the Thompson Photography Group. Set against a backdrop of rolling mountains, crisp, clean snowfall and soft, cascading pine trees. The delicate stillness of the scenery comes through with these romantic views while the interior shots capture a seamless blend of luxury and vintage, rustic charm.


Half Moon Beach


Between a cerulean sea and sky is a terrain of tumbling moss, weathered stone, and stately, aged oaks. With aged stone steps leading from a cliff to a small private beach, nature set the scene for us in this amazingly intimate setting that shows the Gloucester, MA shoreline at its finest.  


Winter forest


Through the magical winter forest and the evergreen trees at this private residence in Winchester, MA is a cozy spot where nature takes over all things man-made. The backdrop of vibrant greenery and woodsy landscape captures a blend of vintage and rustic charm. Walking along the mossy floor of this enchanted woodland makes it feel as though you’re stepping into a fairytale straight out of a storybook.


New York City


A short cab ride away from the bustle of New York City streets is the subtly, breathtaking New York City Public Library. Encapsulating both the modern high-rise aesthetic and classic, medieval architecture the library creates a perfect balance of old and new. With an amazing rooftop view overlooking the city, it offers a perfect place to capture the commemorative first dance.


 Five Bridge Inn


Landing right in the middle of a luscious, green forest the Five Bridge Inn in Rehoboth, MA embodies the peaceful aura of spring. The lively greenery brings an ethereal elegance to this photoshoot that conveys spring is in full bloom. The duality of the spring blossoms and edgy bridal attire shows that you can in fact have a little fun with your wedding aesthetic.


 Sunset Woods


With the honey glow of the golden hour as a backdrop, these woods embody the essence of autumn. Falling leaves and the vast underbrush create an earthy atmosphere perfect for a fall wedding. As the sun sets it exudes a romantic warmth over the landscape.


Garden at Elm Banks


Even in the dreary, spring rain the serene and vibrant garden at Elm Banks in Wellesley, MA feels as if it was plucked straight from a fairy tale. The juxtaposition of the elegant flower beds and the rustic charm of the brick architecture perfectly captures the soft, romantic beauty of a spring wedding.




A venue for the modern bride, the contrast of the violet flowers and stark, white walls provide a contemporary decor to the space. Simple, yet elegant the artsy architecture complements the faint echo of the guitar that soothes over the venue, welcoming the couple into their new life together.


Living Coral 


Symbolizing the summer season, the vibrant but mellow color of the year, Living Coral, brightens up Queen Ann’s loft in Newport, Rhode Island. This simple, yet sophisticated wedding style nurtures a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for an intimate reception.