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What if you could find the perfect dress for the perfect price?

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It's 2018. Wedding dress shopping is an experience that feels like it's stuck in the past. It's time for a better option.

At Lyra Vega, we firmly believe that you can have your dream wedding gown without breaking the bank, without sacrificing quality or convenience. 

We're here to empower discerning and modern women with an option to shop the way they want, not the way they have to. If you have an eye for quality, a sharp sense for the practical, and love the convenience of online shopping: you have arrived.

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Honest Pricing

Say goodbye to pushy salespeople and hidden pricing.

Our mission is to bring you beautiful dresses at an affordable price.

Fit & Flexibility

We offer measured to fit custom orders.

Use our handy measurement guide to get started.


Shop from the comfort of your home, and have your gown delivered to your door. 

Free shipping & returns, always

Style & Quality

With lush fabrics and intricate details,

our collection is curated with a focus on timeless designs for the modern woman.


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