Our Prices

More expensive does not necessarily mean higher quality. We’re sick of brides getting convinced by pushy salespeople that this is the case. At Lyra Vega, we provide high quality gowns at the lowest possible price. Check out our website and fall in love with your future wedding gown! .


Cutting the Middleman

We are able to offer wholesale price on our gorgeous and high quality gown because we have cut out the expensive middleman in our supply chain!

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New way to shop: Online!

By not having a brick and mortar boutique or showroom we are able to cut a lot of the overhead cost which means less cost on each individual gowns and lower price for our beautiful bride-to-be’s!

We also wanted to reinvent the way brides shop for their wedding gowns by moving online. Lower price but also the convenience of looking at all the dresses in one place whether you are on your bed scrolling through your laptop or commuting on the train on your phone! Your options are at the tip of your fingers! (punny!) but seriously at your convenience, at your pace, at your time and energy AND LOWER PRICE!


Private Label?

We are like the Trader Joe’s of the bridal industry! Did you know that the famous Trader Joe’s chocolate chip cookies are actually the same quality, ingredients and made from the same recipe as the famous Tate’s Cookies? Except 4 times cheaper? Our dresses are the same. We still bring you the highest quality and simple yet modern designs that you look for in a wedding gown but minus the brand name bubble price. Same high quality custom made dress but 4 times more affordable for the smart brides.