Cathedral Train
Off Shoulder
Illusion Lace Sleeves
Embroidered Tulle
Sequined Tulle


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Deb is definitely one of a kind! Named after the unparalleled and fabulous Bitchless Bride, this gown speaks of fearless passion, impeccable taste, and a seamless blend of provocative and feminine. Not one to settle on one style or one element, Deb shows an unmatched style, an independent spirit and a passion for living. Deb is your girlfriend with the sparkling wit, the fierce confidence, and proof that feminine and strength go hand in hand.

We chose to honor Deb, who not only gave us our first major blog feature, but also is a constant source of inspiration and support. Providing sharp business advice to our young company, she plays a big role in our growth and success, for which we can't show enough gratitude. But beyond her brilliance, Deb is an inspiration with her sass, her pride, her joie de vivre, and her amazing independence!

Much like Deb, this gown is a creation of wonder! From vintage, romantic lace that is layered throughout the gown, to the intricate, complex beadwork, this gown shows a blend of the complex and the delicate. From the gorgeous bell sleeves to the long, sweeping train, every step sways, sparkles, and shimmers. Neither too risque, nor too modest, this gown strikes a perfect balance between pushing the envelope and embracing tradition.

Any bride who wears this gown will feel confident, feminine, and powerful. From walking down the aisle to dancing the night away, you are showing off your sophisticated sass and making a brilliant, bold statement. Embrace your independence and let your inner Deb out!